Linda works with each client to find the right poses and challenge level, based on individual needs. Here are just a few of the experiences of clients who achieved their physical and competitive goals, overcome injury and chronic pain.

“Linda Steinberg is outstanding. She is much more than a yoga instructor: she is a great coach who has provided me with terrific guidance and support to achieve my goals for good health, fitness and physical challenges. I’m 50 yrs. old and in the past couple of years I’ve run 3 marathons and competed in numerous triathlons. Linda’s expertise have enabled me to perform and compete at levels I didn’t think were within my reach. Her unique 1:1 yoga sessions have maximized my flexibility, helped to increase my strength and have been critical to injury protection. I can’t say enough good things about Linda and how she’s helped me achieve my goals. She’s got a great sense of humor and is a lot of fun to be with.”
– Rob Cummings

“I began seeing Linda when seeking a non-surgical solution to sciatic pain that impacted my work, home life, and sleep. I consulted doctors and tried prescription pain killers and acupuncture, but did not find significant relief. In just three treatments, the pain was gone. She continued to work with me to address other problem areas and I am now pain-free and enjoying my normal activities.”
– Betsey Coyne

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Linda two times a week for over 10 years. Before, I would often have one or two colds a season. But since we began stretching, I’ve not missed a work day, weekend or vacation because of a cold or flu. Linda thinks about the specific needs of each client and tailors classes to meet those needs.”
– George Ballantyne

“Would you think that a 37 year-old attorney battling genetics would finish two Ironman Triathlons? Without Linda’s yoga, I would not have the flexibility to complete all the training necessary to perform at the level I do.”
– Glenn Cuhna

With a passion for basketball, and a torn ACL in my knee, I found myself unable to play (even with my fancy ACL brace). I tried many forms of treatment including acupuncture, physical therapy and massage to help me get back on the court. I was referred to Linda and within a few weeks of working with her, she designed a regimen we do twice a week which has allowed me to play basketball again (with use of my brace). Needless to say, I am extremely happy with the results.
-G. Goldberg

“The first time I did yoga with Linda, it was a revelation. In just one session, I was significantly more stretched compared to “regular” yoga! As a fellow body-worker, I appreciate her customized, hands-on approach that respects each person’s body. And Linda’s clear, no-nonsense direction and sense of humor make each session easy and fun.”
-Leonardo Antunano

For the past 25 years I’ve been a nurse in the operating room. A few years ago, I started having severe and constant neck, shoulder and arm pain with numbness down my arm. It was to the point that my hand became discolored and weak. I was unable to work and went from doctor to doctor. I finally found out that I had thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS) where the nerves and blood vessels are compressed due to inadequate circulation.
After trying a few different therapies with some relief, it would always return. I was scared that I would be in chronic pain for the rest of my life. I started seeing Linda once a week and she did a series of arm stretches that within a year, made me pain free. Now all that’s in the past.
-Karen Sakakeen

“”Linda Steinberg is a an exceptionally gifted healer and problem-solver. In my case, I had painful TMJ that was so severe a dentist told me I’d likely need surgery costing tens of thousands of dollars (out of pocket). They would have to break and realign my jaw. Thanks to my sessions with Linda, she expertly identified the source of my pain as originating in my back. My jaw is now totally realigned and my teeth line up; the pain is greatly reduced, and I’m back to chewing normally. They told me there was “no cure” for TMJ other than expensive, painful surgery that wasn’t even guaranteed to solve the problem. ”
-Claudia Haydon

I began seeing Linda for severe back problems and numbness on my left side. After several visits the difference was amazing. While my physical limitations are too numerous to list here, i must say Linda has done everything to accommodate my comfort and sensitivity. Being overweight, Linda has also taken the fear out of trying something new when i thought I couldn’t do it. I’ve had carpal tunnel for almost 17 yrs, and was suffering through a very painful flare up. Linda asked why i was wearing braces on my wrists. It never occurred to me that yoga or Linda could provide me the tools to alleviate the pain. She showed me some simple poses to do at home and three days later, i was pain free.
-Melissa Roberts

I have been doing yoga with Linda for over ten years; her ability to evaluate, diagnose, and “fix what ails ya” never ceases to amaze me! Recently I mentioned to Linda that every night for the past several months I’d been experiencing “dead arm”–intense tingling in my arm, from my shoulder to the tips of my fingers. I would wake in the morning, unable to move my arm or regain feeling in my extremities without vigorous shaking and/or rubbing for several painful seconds. I assumed it was just some annoying age-related ailment–a frayed or pinched nerve–that I would simply need to put up with for the foreseeable future. Linda suggested and immediately assisted me in specifically targeted arm stretches , and after one session my arm has not fallen asleep while I’m lying down or during the night since! Thanks to Linda, whatever was out-of-alignment is now back in line. I’m sleeping better and without pain or worry!
-Jill Connor

Partner-assisted Yoga with Linda is the most effective yoga I have ever done. I consider myself an experienced yoga student, but with a partial tear in my rotator cuff, I had to slow down and rehab. Working with Linda transformed me, substanially decreased my healing time, and opened my body with much less effort than I ever dreamed possible. One class with her opened my range of motion in my shoulder more than ten regular yoga classes and months of physical therapy exercises. It is truly an exponentially effective program!! As I continue to work with her in combination with my physical therapy strengthening regime, I am amazed with how quickly I am progressing. I am now moving in ways I never thougth I would again. Thanks Linda!!!
-Dawn Ludwig

I was feeling at the end of my rope before I found Linda. I have degenerative disc disease, like many of us in middle age (!) and have tried everything, injections, physical therapy, and visits with a chiropractor. Linda immediately understood my problem, and in the very first session I already felt some relief. So many practitioners have a “one size fits all” approach to back pain and how to improve it. Linda worked with me personally to deal with my individual problems based on my unique make up, and used assisted yoga stretches to strengthen my back, decrease discomfort, and increase my range of motion. A viscous cycle that occurs with back pain is fear of movement, which leads to more pain. Linda gently addressed that and helped me to feel comfortable so I could move again. I never thought I could easily touch my toes again, and now I can without even thinking about it. I highly recommend LInda for help with chronic back pain.
-Amy Brinn